A successful project must respect at the same time the needs of the user and be perfectly integrated into the context in which it is located, whether it is a new building or a renovation. In this last case the need to analyse in detail the building conditions is crucial.
In order to offer services related to structural design and calculation, the architecture and engineering company “STUDIO ZAROLI” brings on creativity, solid technical skills in constant updating, innovative software and technologically advanced equipment. Our approach to structural design includes a concentrated effort during the early conceptual phases to assist the designers and planners in incorporating the most efficient structural systems into the building.
A full range of services Is provided, including structural design using Europeans and American standards.
Structural design development drawings are produced, both for the preliminary and the building phase, to furnish a clear understanding of the structural scope of work, so that an accurate construction budget can be determined.


  • Design of ordinary and complex works in concrete, steel, masonry and wood;
  • Analysis, calculation and / or validation of third-party structural projects;
  • Design of special works in steel, structural glass or FRP;
  • Design of prefabricated structures;
  • Technical / structural surveys on existing structures;
  • Design of geotechnical works;
  • Structural work management;
  • Static testing


  • Italian Standards (NTC2018 + Circolare)
  • European Standards (Eurocodes)
  • American Standards (AISC 360/2010)
  • European Technical guidelines; for instance:
    UNI EN 1090, UNI EN 384/2019, UNI EN 14081:2018, UNI EN 14358:2016, UNI 8746, UNI 9409.



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