B.I.M. (Building
Information Modeling)

The architecture and engineering company “Studio Zaroli” provides services of planning and management through the Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The BIM represents the most effective of the methodologies of elaboration, development and management of the project that involves all the phases of the building process: going from the integrated planning of the construction (architectural, structural, energy and plant), until the realization phases (construction site and production chain), up to asset management during the building life cycle (control and scheduling of maintenance).
The creation of an integrated and updatable model allows accurate programming of all processes, minimizing interference due to the overlapping of several operating phases. It helps extrapolating precise and reliable quantitative and qualitative data which can be easily updated during the construction phase.
We are able to calibrate the BIM model’s elaboration according to the real needs of the client. Through the editing of the B.E.P. (BIM Execution Plan) will be developed the requirements, standards and procedures (established by the client) according to which the final BIM model will be defined.
Through this particular concept, the BIM is not used as a mere management tool, but is set up as a customized project, defining targeted and specific goals, respecting the aesthetic design to guarantee a suitable final result.

With the use of BIM, uncertainties are reduced to anticipate decisions and optimize resources.


Why BIM:

  • Avoid design interferences;
  • reduction of material waste;
  • general savings on the execution of the work;
  • Reduction of operating times;
  • better management of unforeseen events and possible site variations;
  • greater control and effectiveness in the management of the work

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